I'm looking for passionate, exceptional PhD students to join us any time during 2019. 


  • You will be part of the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh which is the largest in Europe. 
  • Our school is ranked #1 in AI in Europe, and has world class experts in different areas (including Vision, Robotics, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing) with whom you will be able and encouraged to interact and collaborate.   
  • You will have access to world class equipment for computation and action
  • The length of the program is 3.5 years on average. 
  • Your financial costs (tuition fees, salary, travel to conferences, equipment) will be covered. 
  • You will have freedom to propose your research direction, within our broad area of expertise. 
  • The school is located in the beautiful and lively city of Edinburgh, which also has access to the stunning Scottish highlands. 

  • NEW! There's a PhD position available, where the goal is to deepen the joint understanding of video and language. Possible topics may include, but are not limited to, understanding high level behavioral tasks such as action recognition in relation to language understanding, designing novel core architectures for temporal modeling, video description, language based video retrieval, as well as exploring novel tasks in video and language learning. This position will have the opportunity to collaborate with Marcus Rohrbach (http://rohrbach.vision/) who is an expert in Vision and Language research at Facebook AI. 


  • Knowledge of deep learning concepts and experience with deep learning environments (eg.: TensorFlow, Torch, etc). 
  • Knowledge of motion concepts such as optical flow, tracking or action recognition. 
  • Masters degree is highly recommended. 
  • Collaborative spirit. 
  • Experience in Reinforcement Learning or Robotics is a plus.