I'm always looking for passionate, exceptional PhD students. 

PhD at University of Edinburgh

  • You will be part of the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh which is the largest in Europe. 
  • Our school is ranked #1 in AI in Europe, and has world class experts in different areas (including Vision, Robotics, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing) with whom you will be able and encouraged to interact and collaborate.   
  • You will have access to world class equipment for computation and action
  • The length of the program is 3.5 years on average. 
  • Your financial costs (tuition fees, salary, travel to conferences, equipment) will be covered. 
  • You will have freedom to propose your research direction, within our broad area of expertise. 
  • The school is located in the beautiful and lively city of Edinburgh, which also has access to the stunning Scottish highlands. 


  • Knowledge of deep learning concepts and experience with deep learning environments (eg.: TensorFlow, Torch, etc). 
  • Knowledge of motion concepts such as optical flow, tracking or action recognition. 
  • Masters degree is highly recommended. 
  • Collaborative spirit. 
  • Experience in Reinforcement Learning or Robotics is a plus.