Laura Sevilla (Lecturer in Computer Vision)

I'm a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) as of January 2019. 

My research focuses on motion in the visual world: what motion tells us about the properties, the state and the structure of the world, and how to estimate it. This broadly includes motion estimation, temporal representations, video understanding, high-level perceptual tasks that involve motion and the machine learning problems that all these problems pose.

Before I joined Edinburgh, I was a postdoc at Facebook Research, and before I was at the Max Planck Institute for Perceiving Systems. 


  • I'm co-leading with Yannis Kalantidis the very exciting CVPR Worksop on "Computer Vision for Global Challenges" on Sunday the 16th of June. Come on down to learn about novel vision problems to humanitarian, development, and other global domains. 
  • We're presenting the tiny DMC-Net for Action Recognition at CVPR '19. Everything you wanted in an action recognition network, for a fraction of the cost. 
  • We just uploaded FASTER to ArXiv, to leverage temporal redundancy for action recognition. 
  • Kiyoon Kim and Shreyank Gowda to join the lab and start their PhD in September. 

I'm looking for very motivated and talented PhD students, to start any time during 2019. Contact me! 








lsevilla at exseed dot ed dot ac dot uk

Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton St, Edinburgh EH8 9AB